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Lifetime Fitness Program

The Enhance Fitness Program is a series of specially designed and tested exercises developed specifically for mature participants.  The program consists of one-hour classes, meeting three times a week and is designed to be socially stimulating while focusing on areas of recognized importance for mature participants:  stretching, low-impact aerobics, strength training and balance.  Researchers and specialist in aging and fitness at the University of Washington - long recognized for its research in health aging-developed the Enhance Fitness Program.  After as little as six weeks of participation in the program, participants have not only developed a basic understanding of weight training, they see measurable results including increased flexibility and better balance, a major factor in preventing falls among the aging. 

Unlike many classes being offered in health clubs and gyms, the Enhance Fitness Program has been designed to be safe for physically unfit seniors, including the 'near frail,' yet challenging enough for more active participants.  While many current programs attract seniors who haven't always been physically active, our program appeals to  individuals who haven't participated in an organized exercise program before. We are delighted to offer a program based on sound research and backed by scientific studies.  This along makes it unique.  What's more, our participants, who have participated in other exercise classes we have offered, tell us that it is the social aspects of exercising as a group that they enjoy most.

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Register at Lifelong by stopping by the front desk, or calling 273-1511.  There is a $5 fee per class payable at each class or pay $20 per month for members ($25 for non-members) for unlimited activities.